Google to respond to Amazon Echo at last with codename "Chirp" device

Insider sources have let loose information about Google's next big hardware project and the center of their IoT smart home project Google On. This device, they say to ReCode, and will look similar to Google's On Hub – to absolutely no-one's surprise. Or at least no surprises are being had by those who assumed Google was doing this in the first place. Think about Google's work with Weave, their network of smart home electronics, their aim to take over the home with devices they've already released. A Google Echo device makes perfect sense.

We'd previously heard that Google was secretly working on an Amazon Echo competitor. Today we're hearing it again. SlashGear writer JC Torres made a point to point out why Google was set to make an Amazon Echo killer two months ago.

It's time.

It's clearly time.

This Google device will look and act much like the OnHub does now – or more or less like Amazon Echo does now – sitting in an unassuming part of your living room, listening for key phrases so that it might take your commands.

Google of course has a built-in ecosystem of abilities that'll work with this device, all stemming from Google Now.

Speak to your Android device today to see what the Google "Chirp" device will do tomorrow.

• Open a webpage

• Record a video (with this device)

• Open [App]

• Turn [on / off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Flashlight, Lights, any device connected to the web]

• Much, much more

Ask this device anything you like, and just so long as Google knows the answer – or knows how to search for the answer – you'll get an answer.

This device will very likely appear at Google I/O 2016 – for more information about that event series, have a peek at our what to expect at Google I/O guide.

Remember when Google introduced this system?

It was all the way back in the year 2012. Back then it was called Project Tungsten, part of Google's Android@Home initiative, and it was a lot simpler. It's time to get smarter.