Google is secretly working on an Amazon Echo competitor

Google is working on a device that will compete against Amazon Echo, according to a new report. This is the first instance of the project — which is said to have secretly been underway for a while — being mentioned publicly, and details are still scarce at this time. The device will function as a personal assistant similar to Echo, able to receive voice commands, and will do so with the full power of Google behind it.

The project was discussed recently by The Information in a piece profiling Nest CEO Tony Fadell. According to the report, Google's Echo-competitor project (name unknown) received a request from Nest, which asked to join in. Whomever is in charge of the project rejected Nest's request, however, leaving it out of the development process.

Google has all that it needs for an Amazon Echo killer

Sadly, the report doesn't go on to provide any more details about the project, which executive is in charge of it, and Google's intentions for the device. We can guess what it may offer, though, based on what Amazon Echo can do and what Google Now can do better. It's likely Google's competing device will serve as a one-stop-shop for all of one's queries, something Google can pull off thanks to the glut of search data it has.

As well, it wouldn't be surprising if the device incorporates Google's own products much in the same way as Echo with Amazon's Prime offerings. One could, perhaps, ask Google's device to send a specific contact an email from one's Gmail account, no further effort necessary. Tasks like transcribing things directly to Google Keep and getting alerts about traffic conditions before one leaves for work would be simple.

Of course, many of these things are possible if one has an Android smartphone and Google Now — likely, Google's competing device will go a step further, tossing in integrations with smart home systems, connected appliances and more. When we might hear about the device officially is anyone's guess, as it isn't clear how far along Google is in the development process.

SOURCE: The Information

Note: the imagine above shows Google's OnHub routers.