Google Play Pass launched for Android today

Google Play Pass is the obvious alternative to Apple Arcade for Android devices. Normally I wouldn't say such a thing, but the launch dates and announcements for both services are right on top of one another.* It's like a gas station opening right on the other side of the highway from another gas station – there's nothing wrong with that, it's just business!

Google Play Pass is also called a "high-quality, curated collection of titles," but includes "more than 350 apps and games" at launch. The most major difference between Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass is that Google Play Pass includes more than games – it includes apps of all sorts.

Google Play Pass will start with "a 10-day free trial" and will move to a $4.99-per-month model after that. Google also has a "limited time" (until October 10, 2019 at 11.59pm PT) sort of deal where users can sign up to pay $1.99 per month for the first 12 months, after which the price will move to $4.99 per month thereafter. You can see terms for this "intro" price via an archive of said site.

Stay tuned as we give both systems a review – not that that's going to stop you from running with one or the other! To get to Google Play Pass, you'll want to open the Google Play Store app, tap the three horizontal lines button (Menu) then tap Play Pass. If you do not yet see that button, try again later – it's rolling out now!

* Since most people won't end up caring a particularly large amount about the timing, I've included it all here at the end of the article. For you folks who are still reading, Google Play Pass was launched today, September 23 (Monday) after Apple's Apple Arcade on Friday, September 21.

Back when Apple Arcade was first announced it was March 25th, 2019. Google had not mentioned a subscription system for their mobile games and/or apps at that time.

On August 1, 2019, Google Play Pass leaked, and on September 10, 2019, Google officially teased the release of Google Play Pass. That same day – later that day – Apple Arcade launch details were shared by Apple.