Google Play Music iOS Release Live: All Access Included For A Month

Today Google has released its own Google Play Music app for iOS, working on the iPhone and iPod touch with a unique iPad version coming in the near future. At the moment you'll find this version of Google Play Music missing the "I'm feeling lucky" option to roll the dice and listen to music based on your previous listening action, but essentially everything else is ready to roll. This app is free on the iTunes App Store and works with Google accounts to bring the user their entire cloud-based music collection.

This app also works with Google Play Music All Access. With All Access, a user is able to select and listen to any track, tracks, or playlists posted to Google Play Music in either a streaming or device-based manner. This service costs $9.99 USD, but with this release on the iOS app, new users will be given a free month of the All Access service for free. That's 30 days of listening to whatever you want, wherever you want.

This app has been long awaited on iOS, having seen several early clones in the time between the launch of Google Music for Android and the full release here for the iPhone. This app will likely supplant the popularity of apps like gMusic for iOS, but they'll remain in-tact for those users who want an alternate view on user interface playability. You'll also be able to use All Access through gMusic specifically, but no free month is included from that 3rd-party front.

The full Google Play Music app works with the same 20,000 track library that the Android version does, allowing users to listen to music they've purchased through Google Play as well as music they've uploaded themselves through Google Music's web-based server.

One massive difference here between the iOS and Android versions of the app is the connection to Google Play. While the Android version offers quick access to Google Play to purchase music on an Android device, the iOS version has to throw a bit of a curve ball. See what you make of it!