Galaxy S9 may equip iPhone X innards

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 both have facial recognition abilities, but not to the degree the Galaxy S9 might. A new report suggests that Samsung is currently in the process of sourcing their own 3D-sensor, not entirely unlike what Apple has in the iPhone X. But what would Samsung do to differentiate themselves further from their competitors – surely not continue to rely on curved edge displays alone?

Apple's iPhone X notch – as it's unofficially called – contains a set of sensors that create a technology Apple calls TrueDepth. Using one IR element, dots of infrared light are blasted out, bounced off one's face, and are returned to a second element, thereby mapping the face of the user. This is somewhat like what's expected to come to the Samsung Galaxy S9, as well.

Galaxy S9 may fix these Galaxy S8 mis-steps

A report from Business Korea says Samsung will move to new 3D sensors on the front of its smartphones in 2018. BK's unnamed "Industry Expert" said that if Samsung "maintain[ed] the existing 3D system, [that would mean] the Korean smartphone giant [would] miss the diversification of smartphones." In other words – Samsung need to show up with the next generation in face-scanning hardware or face losing consumers to their competitors.

Including a 3D sensor would be playing catch-up with Apple – who might move to a 3-model lineup next year, all notch-ified. Samsung isn't above doing such a thing, as they've proven in the past – but they'll need more than just an equitable set of sensors to continue to compete. To take the Samsung Galaxy S9 to the next level, Samsung will look to a technology that rests on the back of the device – a new camera.

Samsung's 3-layer image sensor will likely be implemented on the Samsung Galaxy S9 next year. With this system, Samsung will likely reach the abilities the newest and most expensive Sony smartphones are capable of now – or more. We shall see. Have a peek at the timeline below to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and what's to come from this big-brand smartphone group!