Estrema Fulminea EV hypercar has four motors, 2,000HP, and solid-state batteries

Have you heard of Automobili Estrema? Neither do we, but the Italian EV maker promises to make a big splash with its Fuminea hyper EV. Estrema's mission is to "create a new Italian car brand of design excellence" while "specializing in designing, engineering, and manufacturing low volume, zero-emissions hypercars and supercars."

The Fulminea is joining the ranks of EV hypercars like the Pininfarina Battista, Rimac C_Two, and Lotus Evija, and it has the numbers to prove its merit. The specific details are scarce, but Estrema claims four electric motors, four-wheel drive, and over 2,000-horsepower at full chat. The 'Fulminea' name is an Italian adjective meaning 'instantaneous' or 'lightning-fast.'

But what's interesting about Fulminea is the battery pack, which Estrema claims is a combination of solid-state lithium batteries and ultracapacitors. The former has yet to make it to a production battery-electric vehicle, while the latter we first saw in the Lamborghini Sian.

Estrema claims the Fulminea's battery will come from Avesta Battery Energy Engineering and will have a capacity of 100 kWh, good for around 323 miles of range.

If it becomes a reality, the solid-state batteries will be located behind the front seats, tucked away in a carbon composite shell. On the other hand, the ultracapacitors will rest nearer to the front axle to harvest energy from braking.

With this set-up, Estrema claims a lithe 1,500 kg (3306 pounds) curb weight and blazing-fast charging for the Fulminea. Similar to other EV hypercars, Fulminea will have active aero bits like a variable front air intake and retractable rear wing. Is it going to be a fast car? Most likely, as Estrema promises zero to 200 mph in under 10-seconds, and it'll get there in eerie silence.

Estrema is eyeing just 61 build slots for the Fulminea, and the first deliveries are arriving in the second half of 2023. We'll be back to reveal more about the newest Estrema Fulminea soon.