Lotus Evija hyper EV debuts at Goodwood, and it sounds phenomenal

The Lotus Evija is one of the most highly-anticipated electric vehicles of the modern world, and it recently debuted at this year's Goodwood SpeedWeek for everyone to see. Lotus has fielded three pre-production units of the Evija for SpeedWeek, but what really struck us is how it sounds at full chat.

"Goodwood is a fast and flowing circuit with numerous undulation in the surface, and so is a fantastic test and demonstration for the Evija as it's the type of environment many owners will use the car," said Gavan Kershaw, Director of Vehicle Attributes at Lotus. "Bringing the cars to an event like this is a welcome break from the hundred hours spent on proving grounds."

The Evija on the video above is one of two prototypes wearing Lotus' iconic black and gold theme. And as you probably heard, it sounds phenomenal as the electric motors spool up. The Evija is an important car for Lotus and is Britain's first all-electric hypercar.

It's also mightily powerful. With four electric motors and a 2,000 kW battery pack (courtesy of Williams Advanced Engineering or WAE), the Evija produces 2,000 horsepower and a tire-shredding 1,253 pound-feet of torque. One of the Evija's biggest drawbacks is its weight (clocking in at 1,680 kg or 3,700 pounds), but it has a full carbon-fiber monocoque chassis to make it the world's lightest EV hypercar.

Lotus claims zero to 60 mph in under 3.0-seconds and a top speed of 200 mph. And with a gigantic mid-mounted battery pack, the Evija achieves a theoretical range of 250 miles (on the WLTP combined cycle) and 270 miles (on the NEDC combined cycle). Equipped with four driving modes and all-wheel torque vectoring (with one electric motor at each wheel), the Evija is a genuine track monster.

It even has an 800 kW heavy-duty charging system that replenishes the batteries to 80-percent in around 12 minutes, but only if you have access to a 350 kW DC fast charging station. Evija's sleek body shape is unique and has a pair of venturi channels at the rear. According to Lotus, the design enhances the 'porosity' of the vehicle as it slices the wind. This enables the Evija to produce massive downforce while reducing drag.

Lotus is only making 130 examples of the Evija, and it won't come cheap. Base prices for the Evija start at around $2.15-million before taxes.

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