Christmas Break: 5 tech-savvy items to bring along for the trip

This week SlashGear readers around the world will be packing up and shipping out to homes of relatives for holiday break. What we've got here is a list of five items the average modern smart device-savvy person might well be better with than without. This list pre-supposes that you're not the sort of person that likes to travel without any gadgets at all – if you want to unplug and go the whole week without checking your social networks, that's your prerogative.1. Chargers

Make certain you bring the chargers for your phone specifically. Now with the launch of systems like Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 and the (not so recent) launch of Apple's Lightning cords and ports, it's important you don't rely on your relatives' cords. They probably don't have what you need.

BONUS: Bring a battery pack too – one that works with a USB cord so that you'll never be in the position I was in (in #3 on this list).2. Your Notebook

You can bring a paper notebook if you want, but we're talking about notebook computers, here. Laptops, if you still want to call them that. This is for the holiday visitors that are planning on staying with relatives for more than a couple of days.

It might seem less-than-prudent bringing a notebook along when you should be visiting with Grandma, but if you've read this far into this section, you know good and well that you missed the comfort of a laptop in the past whilst visiting. You'll feel that way again more than likely.

3. Odd Cameras

If you have any kind of camera that ISN'T a smartphone, bring it. This could include older digital cameras or film cameras, but if you've got one of the following, take my word for it: your entire holiday experience will be made a LOT more interesting if you have a camera around.


Polaroid Cube

Narrative Clip

Drift HD Ghost


Below you'll see an example of a video shot with the HTC Re. This was shot during Thanksgiving this year – without it, I'd have relied on my smartphone (which was out of battery power because I'd forgotten my charging cord at home.)

4. Noise Canceling Headphones

If you're going to be using smart devices and you don't want to be relegated to silence, you'll want to remember your headphones. Check our Accessory Reviews portal. You'll also want to have a peek at our keeping cords untangled guide to keep all your bits and pieces apart.

5. Backpack

No matter your age, whether or not you've got a child, you'll appreciate having a pack to bring your personal items along with you between events. Even if you're planning on staying at Grandpa's house the whole break long, you'll appreciate having a personal space in the form of a pack for your devices.