Bento Android Launcher: learning you, loving you

The latest in Android home screen replacement software comes in the form of Bento, an app that'll aim to learn from you and give you what you want based on its own smart algorithm. "Oh Bento, what would I do without you?" This is the chatter of the enamored Bento user, one that's not satisfied with Google Now or competing services we've spoken about before. What does this launcher do for you? It takes the place of your brain's decision-making center, telling you what you'll enjoy.

For those of you that need help deciding what to be interested in, there's Bento. This isn't the first time a launcher like this has come along – we've seen launchers like Aviate and Nokia Z.

There's also less pushy launchers like Jolla and Nova Launcher.

What makes Bento different?

Different from Google Now, you say?

This launcher sits squarely in the center of your smartphone's face. You don't swipe up or to the side to access it – it's just there, when you turn the device on, past the lock screen.

This system relies on the following services to do work for you:

• Yelp for nearby restaurants

• Soundcloud for trending music

• YouTube for trending videos

• Google Calendar for birthdays and events

• Uber for pickups*

• ESPN for sports events

• Seatgeek for local events*

• Reddit for frontpage content

*Just as long as these services operate in your area.

This system also lists local weather and notifications for you – just in case you want to "eliminate notifications clutter", that is to say.

Below you'll see the video spot created by the Bento crew to show how Bento will fit in with your life.

Bento is a guide using a recommendation engine. It exists to serve you based on what you've clicked on and searched in the past.

It's simple and effective, and it looks pretty nice.

Bento is currently in Beta. Users who would like to take it for a test drive can head to Bento's Google group and sign up.

Whilst testing, the Bento crew asks that you provide feedback (good or bad) on how they're doing with development.