Sayan Bose

New Delhi, India
University Of Delhi
Cars, Technology, Gadgets, Geopolitics.
  • Sayan has been working as a professional writer since early 2021
  • He has written for multiple outlets, and is currently published on EmanualOnline, HotCars, PigeonWeek and Medium.
  • As well as experience in automotive writing along with gadgets and tech, he has a keen interest in geopolitical writing.


Sayan Bose is a published writer and a big fan of four-wheelers. A literature enthusiast, he has always admired the beauty of written words and entered into the field of professional writing working for EmanualOnline as an Automotive News Writer as well as HotCars as a List Writer. He has written on a wide range of topics while working for UK-based news outlet PigeonWeek, and is currently a features writer at SlashGear. In his leisure time, Sayan can be found playing his guitar and jamming with his musician friends.


Sayan holds a Bachelor’s (Hons) degree in English from University of Delhi.
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