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8 More Games Added to Wii VC List

Retro gamers all over the world agree that the NES is/was awesome. So, what could be more enjoyable than playing some of these older titles on you shiny new Wii? That’s what I thought. So, to that end, Nintendo of America (via an ESRB submission) has revealed 8 more Virtual Console titles for your gaming pleasure, letting gamers with fond memories of their 8-bit conquests to relive their glory days once again. The update list of Virtual Console games for the Wii is as follows (changes are italicized):


Activision Unveils PS3 Launch Titles

Activision has decided that, even though we’ve still got a while before the PlayStation 3 makes its way over to Europe (sorry guys), it’s time that we find out exactly what will be available for all the happy new owners once the consoles hit shores in March. Since this is the first hint as to what European gamers will be able to see when they trade a mountain of cash for a shiny new console, here’s the list:

  • Call of Duty 3
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
  • Tony Hawk Project 8

Not much, but it gives you some idea as to what Activision plans of focusing on come launch day. So let’s cross out fingers that this massive Blu-ray diode shortage doesn’t force an even-greater delay and that this console gets out on-time.

[via IGN]

Microsoft to Offer HD Video Downloads

To commemorate the first anniversary of the Xbox 360 (which is November 22nd if you’re into giving your console birthdays), Microsoft has decided to step into Apple’s arena and start offering video downloads via Xbox Live. They’ve made deals with CBS, MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, Turner, and Warner Bros. to bring high-definition content to the Xbox 360, making it “the first gaming console in history to provide high-definition TV shows and movies directly to gamers in their living rooms.” To check out a partial list of what you’ll be able to get, hit the jump!


New Details on Twilight Princess!

Nintendo, being the loving megacorporation that it is, has graced us with some new details regarding The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. While a couple of initial reviews of the game have been less than stellar, both Gamecube and Wii owners (this we knew) will be able to enjoy the 70+ hours the game offers. Also (amusingly), the Wii’s version of the game features a first-ever right-handed Link, while the GC version will feature Link in his left-handed glory. Finally, there aren’t a ton of other differences between the two versions; the Wii’s version supports 16:9 widescreen and Wiimote functionality, along with some very minor graphical cleanups. If you’re a GC user, you’ll need to wait until December 11th to take Link for a spin. but users lucky enough to grab a Wii will be able to get the new Zelda at launch. Get your consoles ready!

[via GamePro]

Microsoft Annouces Vista Release Dates, Changes Licensing Terms

Hey, better late than never, right? Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Vista operating system, the first new Windows to come out in 5 years, finally has a concrete, set-in-stone (until the next delay, at least) release date; November 30th for business users and January 30th for everyone else. This means that businesses, well-known for their “wait for the Service Pack 1” mentality, have extra time to evaluate the new OS and decide on deployment before Microsoft makes every effort to make us forget Windows XP.


Microsoft Acknowledges 360 “Bricking”

Well, at least they’re willing to admit that they screwed up. Microsoft’s new update, which enables 1080p in video and games as well as a number of other things, also has managed to disable a number of consoles completely, turning them into “bricks”. Microsoft has now acknowledged the problem, which originally was thought to only affect those users with modified consoles. This is now known not to be the case, and like any reasonable gamer, they’re kinda mad about it. Microsoft claims that “less than 1%” of users are affected, stating:

“We’re working with those affected to get them back up and running, whether that be by providing another console, or fixing their existing console. We’re committed to resolving this issue. Over the next 24 hours, our product team will be working to ensure that those unaffected remain unaffected.”

So if your console isn’t working, hang tight; a fix should be forthcoming soon.

[via 1UP]

Microsoft Updates XNA Studio to Beta 2

Would-be game programmers all over the world rejoice; Microsoft has released the second beta of its XNA Game Studio, allowing users to program code that can be shared (for a $99 a year fee) with other users for use on your Xbox 360. Beta 2 introduces a few new features for users to play with; the XNA Framework Content Pipeline allows third-party applications to be utilized to create XNA applications, while Microsoft has changed the interface around a bit to be less confusing. Finally, while users still can’t run their creations on a real Xbox 360, Beta 2 allows users to pre-compile their code to be used when XNA Studio Final is released. Given the reception that the first beta received, it looks like there might just be a popular Xbox 360 homebrew community in the near-future.

[via IGN]

Wii Launch Game List Revealed

The time is almost here; is less than three weeks, the two remaining next-generation consoles will (hopefully) see the light of day. The PlayStation 3 will hit shelves (and eBay) first on November 17th, bringing its next-generation goodness to only a lucky few who were able to obtain a pre-order without engaging in ritual combat. For Nintendo fans, the Wii is should be far easier to get a hold of, and now Nintendo has decided to release a list of what will be available for purchase when their machine goes global on the 19th. So what can you expect to be able to grab? Hit the jump to find out.


Microsoft Updates Disable Modified Xbox 360s

Hot on the heels of their newly-released 1080p update, Microsoft is also apparently looking to make a statement to hackers all over the world. New security updates detect modified consoles and immediately disable them, effectively making your $300-$400 consoles the world’s largest paperweight. So far, the only solution has been to remove the modded firmware, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the hacker community finding a fix sooner rather than later. So, until such time as either Microsoft decides to let the hackers be or the hackers decide to stop modifying their consoles (neither seems likely), the war will rage on. And if you have an Xbox 360 that’s been, er, “improved,” you might want to hold off on updating your console until a fix is found.

[via 1UP]

Nintendo: 4 Million Wii Consoles in 2006

Well, if you’ve had a yearning to buy a Wii but haven’t gotten around to getting your pre-order(s) in, have no fear. Nintendo has confirmed that 4 million Wii consoles should ship between launch and the end of December, meaning the likelihood of you being able to walk into your local Wal-Mart and grabbing a machine off the shelf is pretty good. This means that Nintendo is also on-track to deliver its previously-promised goal of six million consoles by the end of their fiscal year (March 31, 2007) and they’ve even gone so far as to create a delivery system in which (they hope) none of the major markets will have to suffer shortages for long. So, get ready world; the Wii is coming.

[via Gamasutra]

Silver PS2 Shiny, Soon to Be Outdated

Given Sony’s recent displays of mental instability, it’s nice to see that they haven’t forgotten about the one thing keeping the gaming department afloat right now; the PlayStation 2. Although it’s much more powerful (and much harder to find) sibling is about to see release in a few weeks, there are still plenty of reasons to love your PS2; Final Fantasy XII and the upcoming God of War II are two examples. In that regard, Sony has announced a special-edition PS2, in shiny, shiny silver, that will retail for the same as the normal PS2 ($129.99). The package, aside from the new paint job, is your standard run-of-the-mill PS2 package; console, 1 Dual Shock 2 (better save this bad boy), composite cables, and power cable. So, if you’re looking to get someone special a console that isn’t going to cost and arm/leg/pint of blood, and neither Microsoft or Nintendo’s offerings seem all that appealing, keep in mind that the PS2 is still alive and kicking.

[via Gizmodo]

Microsoft Releases Xbox 360 1080p Update

Just in time to make Sony sweat a little bit more, Microsoft has finally released the long-awaited sixth Xbox 360 update, which adds, among a ton of other things, 1080p support for both movies and games. The update will go live today for all Gold and Silver Xbox 360 members, and doesn’t require your Xbox to have a hard drive installed (for all you Core owners out there). Obviously, the update is meant to support Microsoft’s soon-to-be-unleashed HD-DVD add-on for their next-gen system, but how long until game developers start adding 1080p options to their games? My guess is that we won’t need to wait long; to see the full list of things that’ll be included in this massive update, check out’s list and get to downloadin’!

[via Gamasutra]

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