PS3 Finally Launches, Mayhem Ensues

It's finally here, and those lucky 150,000-400,000 (depending on whose numbers you believe) gamers who shelled out a minor fortune to buy the PlayStation 3 can go home happy, while those who weren't so lucky might be waiting a while to get their hands on some of the next shipment. Of course, there are plenty of "generous" gamers who are willing to part with their shiny new Sony machine...for a hefty profit. One fortunate reseller managed to get $9,000 for his PS3 on eBay, which equates to a 1500% return on investment and proving that people truly are nuts. I guess that if you have $9,000 to spend on a video game console, money much of an issue for you, but is it really worth spending that kind of coin on a first-generation system that's bound to have issues? Oh well.

eBay Page [via Gizmodo]