PS3 Backwards Compatibility List Online

Benjamin Nied - Nov 20, 2006

If you spent your small fortune to acquire your new, shiny PlayStation 3, but you’re not sure which of your older PSOne/PS2 titles work with the new machine, Sony’s got you covered. They’ve launched the US version of their “PLAYSTATION 3 Backward Compatibility Status” web application, which allows you to search games by title and check their current playability status. While most games should be alright, there are a number with some minor/major issues, so check your collection against this site before you start tossing that “old” PS2.

To take a look at some of the games we searched against, hit the jump!

Here are the compatibility notes for a few games:

  • God of War: Works fine, as you can see.
  • Metal Gear Solid Series: Metal Gear Solid, MGS2 (both editions), and MGS3: Snake Eater all work fine. The special edition MGS3 (Subsistence) has some issues: “During gameplay, with 1 PS3 user hosting a Team Deathmatch Game Type, and 5 other users as clients, the host is randomly disconnected, and is unable to reconnect.”
  • Final Fantasy series: FFX, FFXII, and FF Tactics are fine. However, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFXI, FF Anthology, FF Chronicles, and FF Origins all have various issues, ranging from graphical hiccups to hard drive problems (for FFXI).
  • Grand Theft Auto series: All clear.

PS3 Compatibility Status [via Joystiq]

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