PS3 Can't Display 1080i?

Thinking of getting a PS3? But you only own an older HDTV that can only do 1080i rather than 720p or 1080p? You might wanna think twice about that; apparently the PS3 can't display 1080i, which a lot of older HDTVs support instead of 1080p. So, if your HDTV supports 1080i but not 720p, the PS3 will scale all the graphics down to 480p, which most wouldn't consider to be HD. IGN has found this issue in at least 4 games (Resistance: Fall of Man, Need for Speed Carbon, NHL 2K7, and Tiger Woods 2007), and quickly points out that the Xbox 360 has no issue scaling to 720p or 1080i (though it's 1080p support is hit-and-miss). Hopefully Sony will fix this problem in an update; otherwise gamers with older, or cheaper, HDTVs will be quite angry when they find their new high-def console can only output at 480p on their sets.

[via Engadget]