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PSP Firmware Upgraded to 3.0

Well, it wasn’t ready in time for its big brother’s launch on Friday, but the PlayStation Portable is finally ready to play in the big leagues. Firmware version 3.0 has hit the Internet for all you PSP-carrying gamers, boasting a number of new features, including the long-awaited PlayStation Network connectivity and PlayStation 3 connectivity. While those with a PS3 will be happier with the update than those without, but there are still a number of new features for PSP owners without a PS3. To view a complete list, hit the jump!


PS3 Backwards Compatibility List Online

If you spent your small fortune to acquire your new, shiny PlayStation 3, but you’re not sure which of your older PSOne/PS2 titles work with the new machine, Sony’s got you covered. They’ve launched the US version of their “PLAYSTATION 3 Backward Compatibility Status” web application, which allows you to search games by title and check their current playability status. While most games should be alright, there are a number with some minor/major issues, so check your collection against this site before you start tossing that “old” PS2.

To take a look at some of the games we searched against, hit the jump!


Japan to Get DVD-Enabled Wii

If there’s one complaint that many people have about Nintendo’s Wii (excluding all the “it’s not a PS3” comments), it’s the lack of multimedia support. Indeed, the console doesn’t even play video DVDs back. With this knowledge in mind, Nintendo is working on making a second version of the Wii that will feature DVD playback, though it will cost slightly more than the standard version. Oh yeah, it’s also a Japan-only for the time being, meaning that all the rest of the world will have to settle for an external DVD player to get our movie needs. On the upside, there won’t be any other changes made to the console aside from the DVD playback, so if you can live without it, your current version should hold up just fine.

[via IGN]

Slashgear Presents: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Video!

The most anticipated launch title of the year? Check. Most impressive console to grace the world in a very long time? Check. Slashgear showing you the coolest opening cinematic ever to grace a Zelda game? OK, there aren’t that many, but still, check out the video of what is possibly one of the most amazing titles ever to grace our shelves in quite some time. Sit back and salivate, then continue your search to acquire your own copy. Enjoy!

More PS3 eBay Madness: 60 GB Sells for $45,000

Alright, people, look. This isn’t the cure for cancer, or a way to obtain superpowers like Superman has. It’s a freakin’ video game console! In the madhouse that is eBay, PS3s are selling like hotcakes, often for outrageous sums of money that no one in their right mind would ever pay. $9,000 for a PS3 was excessive, but we now have another seller that netted $45,000 for their shiny new console. Look, I understand the desire to get the latest and greatest in consoles (which is why I have my battle gear for my Wii laid out), but when you could buy a truck for what you’re paying for a first-generation gaming machine, something in your brain has to say “Um…you’re gonna do WHAT now?”

There is, of course, a guy who got $100 million for his PS3, but this has to be a fake bid. Either that or I just lost my faith in the human race.

[via eBay]

PS3 Finally Launches, Mayhem Ensues

It’s finally here, and those lucky 150,000-400,000 (depending on whose numbers you believe) gamers who shelled out a minor fortune to buy the PlayStation 3 can go home happy, while those who weren’t so lucky might be waiting a while to get their hands on some of the next shipment. Of course, there are plenty of “generous” gamers who are willing to part with their shiny new Sony machine…for a hefty profit. One fortunate reseller managed to get $9,000 for his PS3 on eBay, which equates to a 1500% return on investment and proving that people truly are nuts. I guess that if you have $9,000 to spend on a video game console, money much of an issue for you, but is it really worth spending that kind of coin on a first-generation system that’s bound to have issues? Oh well.

eBay Page [via Gizmodo]

Complete PS3 Problem List

So, if you’re going to brave the lines for a PlayStation 3 (and from what we hear, bring a baseball bat and a full body armor), there are a list of things you should know about regarding various issues the console has at this time. These are normal, especially in the first-generation of a piece of electronics as complicated as the PlayStation 3, and most of these issues should be resolved in future System Updates (we hope). Until then, it’ll help all you early-adopters decide as to whether your console is worth a round of real-life Mortal Kombat:


Sony Eating $240-$300 On Each PS3

In the world of gaming, game companies almost never make any money off of the consoles themselves; the software and licensing contracts bring in the big bucks. It’s extremely rare for a company to profit off the hardware at launch (like the Wii), but it’s also extremely rare for a video game company to be losing $200+ on each console they sell. That’s exactly what Sony is doing; according to iSuppli, the 20 GB PS3 costs $805.85 per unit to manufacture, while the 60 GB version costs $840.35. This translates to a $306.85 and a $241.35 loss for each 20 GB and 60 GB PS3 console sold. By comparison, the Xbox 360, one year after its launch, nets a $75 profit for each console sold. While the NVIDIA GPU, Cell CPU, and Blu-ray disc player combine to create a very impressive piece of hardware, maybe throwing all these ultra-expensive components in one box wasn’t such a good idea. We’ll just have to wait and see how bad a mistake this was for Sony.

[via iSuppli]

PS3 Can’t Display 1080i?

Thinking of getting a PS3? But you only own an older HDTV that can only do 1080i rather than 720p or 1080p? You might wanna think twice about that; apparently the PS3 can’t display 1080i, which a lot of older HDTVs support instead of 1080p. So, if your HDTV supports 1080i but not 720p, the PS3 will scale all the graphics down to 480p, which most wouldn’t consider to be HD. IGN has found this issue in at least 4 games (Resistance: Fall of Man, Need for Speed Carbon, NHL 2K7, and Tiger Woods 2007), and quickly points out that the Xbox 360 has no issue scaling to 720p or 1080i (though it’s 1080p support is hit-and-miss). Hopefully Sony will fix this problem in an update; otherwise gamers with older, or cheaper, HDTVs will be quite angry when they find their new high-def console can only output at 480p on their sets.

[via Engadget]

First Nintendo Wii Commercial!

The first Nintendo Wii commercials have finally hit the airwaves, getting the public hyped for the console’s Sunday launch. These commercials make a LOT more sense (at least to me) than Sony’s rather ambiguous PlayStation 3 commercials (though the exploding Rubik’s Cube was admittedly cool). Enjoy!

Wii Originally Supposed to Cost Under $100

Leave it to Nintendo to think of the craziest idea ever. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s very own game developer god, the company’s upcoming Wii console was originally envisioned as a console that would cost consumers less than $100 a shot; however, due to some R&D costs, the price jumped to the $249.99 price tag we all know and love today. Apparently NAND flash memory “and other pricey parts” are to blame, but seeing as how this console isn’t running a next-generation DVD technology inside it’s hull, I doubt anything in the Wii truly counts as “pricey.” To read what the master of Mario had to say, hit the jump!


PS3 Shipment Quantities Slashed Again?

Haven’t we been down this road before? First Sony was supposed to deliver six million PlayStation 3 consoles by the end of March. Then the initial launch quantity got cut to 400,000 for the US. And now, it looks like those numbers might get snipped again, to the tune of a 50% decrease in what was expected. According to analyst Lazard Capital Markets has reported that they expect only 150,000-200,000 consoles for the PS3’s American debut, meaning that (if it turns out to be true) at least half the people who thought they were getting themselves a shiny new PlayStation will be getting an IOU instead. To be fair, we got a hint about this earlier this week when GameStop/EB Games started calling pre-order owners to tell them that they’ll have to wait a bit longer for their consoles. Oh well, maybe next time Sony won’t be stupid and launch a console with so few machines available at launch. Maybe.

[via MegaGames]

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