AT&T vs. Verizon: Shared Data Showdown

This week AT&T has joined the "shared data" party that Verizon has been a part of for a few weeks, now it's time to run down which of the two brings on a better deal for you. You'll of course want to keep in mind first and foremost that these two networks have different coverage areas and that they've, for the most part, got a different device selection as well. If you're looking for an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S III at this very moment, it's the carriers you'll be looking at – and both AT&T and Verizon are vying for your attention right this second.

If you are an individual looking for a data plan on either of these networks, you truly should be looking elsewhere. These Mobile Share plans are really a re-branded set of family plans, or group share plans, however you want to say it. If you're a heavy data user part of a family of low-use users, you might also want to figure out a different situation. Otherwise have a peek here:

AT&T's plan breaks down like so:

1GB Price per month: $40; Smartphone fee: $45

4GB $70;$40

6GB $90;$35

10GB $120;$30

15GB $160;$30

20GB $200;$30

Each GB overage on all plans: $15/per.

While Verizon's list works like this:

1GB $50;$40

2GB $60;$40

4GB $70;$40

6GB $80;$40

8GB $90;$40

10GB $100;$40

12GB $110;$40

14GB $120;$40

16GB $130;$40

18GB $140;$40

20GB $150;$40

Each GB overage on all plans: $15/per, option for 2GB add-on $10 before going over.

Similarities include the cost of connecting additional devices, that being a tablet at $10 a month, USB card for $20, and laptops, netbooks, and basic phones for $30. Verizon's shared data plans are active now, while AT&T's "Mobile Share" program does not begin until August. Also note that AT&T has been clear in saying that grandfathering is indeed active, with everyone currently part of a data plan with them now able to keep their data plan and prices through the foreseeable future.

UPDATE – an AT&T spokesperson has contacted us with the following statement:

"The key advantage for AT&T customers is that we offer a broad choice of plans. Customers can choose a shared data plan or choose separate individual or family plans. And our upgrade policy is very friendly for existing customers. You can keep your current plan, including unlimited plans, without paying full retail price for the device when you upgrade." – AT&T Spokesperson

Which will you choose?