Verizon reveals new Share Everything plan with shared data

You asked for it, so Verizon is going to offer it. The wireless company has today announced its new "Share Everything"plans, allowing you to utilize your call, message, and data plan across multiple devices without requiring additional subscriptions. Verizon say that plans can be shared with up to 10 wireless devices.

Share Everything will officially launch on June 28th, and offer unlimited calls as well as unlimited text messages. Any data plan that you take out can be shared with up to 10 separate wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The amount you pay per month will depend on the amount of data that you want and the number plus type of devices that you'll be using, so each smartphone will set you back $40 while a tablet would only be $10.

USB data sticks and WiFi hotspots would run around $20, with feature phones costing $30. Data plans are said to range from $50 for 1GB up to $100 for 10GB. Share Everything is said to be go into effect on June 28th. Large groups and families can take advantage of the large minute and text allowance, but those who want just a single smartphone and the bare minimum may end up paying more than they would on a regular plan, so it's best to crunch the numbers before committing.