Apple's Richard Williamson reportedly ousted in Maps switch-up

This week Bloomberg is reporting that they've got a source assuring them that Apple's own Richard Williamson was pushed out this week amid a Maps team shakeup. This change of the guard was spoken of by an anonymous source close to the dealings who said Senior Vice President Eddy Cue was responsible for the push. While we've not yet been able to confirm 100% that this move was made in Apple – or if will ever be made official if it is true, we can take this from the situation one way or the other: readers want to know what Apple is doing with their in-house Maps app.

Also reported today was a note that Cue was continuing to work with the maps company that's responsible for much of the inner workings of the GPS information in Apple's current Maps app, TomTom NV. Cue previously took over the now-defunct MobileMe program at Apple and is also reportedly working with Apple to improve the Apple TV ecosystem.

Recently there's also been word that the Apple Maps system as well as the iPhone superstar Siri will be moving forward to the OS X desktop environment. This move would have a MapKit framework pushed to developers so that they might embed the workings of it into their everyday mapping apps from top to bottom. Siri similarly would be expanded to all manner of cross-platform apps and apps that would be greatly improved by talk.

Meanwhile the iPhone 5 has been reported to be the hottest selling phone in the USA over a period of 12 weeks leading up to October 28th, this according to analyst group Kantar. Chevrolet continues to show their support for Apple with next-generation MyLink with Siri in their next-generation vehicles, and the iPhone 5 is replacing BlackBerry left and right.