Apple shares jump up on iPhone 4S launch day

It appears that it's not just the hoards of iPhone lovers that are heading to the market to jam their hard-earned dollars in the pockets of Apple Computer, stocks have jumped – or steadily rose, however you want to look at it, by right around 3% in the morning hours of iPhone 4S launch day. Since 10AM local time on October the 14th, 2011, the same day the iPhone 4S was launched, until the time of this posting (approximately 3:36 PM local time the same day), APPL stock rose 12.07 points for a total of 2.96 percent and trade at $420.50 per share, this showing the stock as rising quite nicely since September 19th when it was then big news that it'd hit a record high at $413.23 per share. UPDATE: the Siri screenshot you see here is more recent – and higher! If only, as nearly everyone on earth is saying, we'd invested earlier.

Shares also rose last week in what may have been a sign of solidarity in Apple after co-founder Steve Jobs passed. What we're thinking now is that Apple, currently one of the world's biggest companies and certainly the world's largest technology company, is never, ever going to fade away. Seem like a fair hypothesis to you?

The image you see here comes from Yahoo! Finance, the same as the Siri app screenshot above, this being a screenshot from earlier today – APPL stock showing itself to be quite valuable, especially on a launch day of their most popular product, the iPhone. Have a look at our Apple portal and have yourself a count – how many stories are there about Apple products that haven't sold well? Not just a whole lot, I can tell you now. Meanwhile there's some analysis out there that shows the iPhone 4S to very likely be seeing 4 million sales by the end of the weekend.

So in short, Apple is doing well today. Let's have a conversation about why you bought the iPhone 4S and we'll see exactly how they're doing it.