Amazon Kindle Tablet Details Roundup [Late Sept 2011, pre-release]

The folks at Amazon have this morning sent out an invite to an event that more than likely will see the first look the majority of the tech world will have seen at their new "Amazon Kindle Tablet". We've done a couple of details / rumors / leaks roundups recently, one for the iPhone 5 / 4S, the other for the upcoming Google Nexus phone – it's time to go tablet style, wouldn't you say? Join us here in this run-down then join us next week (September 28) as we find out what's REALLY going on with what may be Amazon's biggest Android-based effort yet.

Instead of going through the full shebang of rumors we've had over the past year or so, let's just get into the most recent, a set of what's probably the most accurate set of possible factoids. First, there's the invite we received today that'll more than likely be the source of the actual announcement, this leads to an event on the 28th of September. This tablet, perhaps most importantly of all, is very possibly going to be undercutting the price of the iPad by hundreds – cheap tablets with high quality construction are a market not currently being accessed, if you know what I mean. It's called being a loss leader in this case, and it'll probably be a big deal for Amazon.

Another point that seems pretty clear is that the orginal Kindle will not be replaced. There will be a reader and then there will be this lovely new do-more tablet. This bigger more versatile tablet will have, MAYBE, an Eink display, though this idea seems less and less likely as time passes by. There's another rumor which says Amazon will be getting subscription-based ebook rentals working for this new tablet.

This tablet is rumored to be released inside November, this seeming rather likely if the announcement it set for next week. Another rumor says that the tablet may not ship until 2012, but that there will be two tablets, not just one, the smaller of the two shipping first, the second contingent on the success of the first.

Then there's the biggest drop yet – mister MG Siegler, a journalist of some note, reported that he'd had some limited hands-on time with the smaller tablet, saying that it had a 10-finger touchscreen, no Eink, a 7-inch display, and price point at $250.

Look like the battle-ready contender for the current tablet market to you?