Amazon Android Tablet Suite Takes Shape

The mobile team at Amazon, if there really is such a magical mystical force, will be flipping around in their beds again tonight as more information about the fabled Amazon Android tablets has once again reached our, and now your, ears. First, these tablets will be being released before October of this year, 2011, second, this will not interfere with nor will it replace plans to continue to produce the Kindle. On the contrary, says our source, in fact they mean to work together – whether or not this meant physically, in hardware, or just in the idea that they'd tend to different audiences was unclear.

What was clear is that there will be two new Kindles coming out in the third quarter of 2011, one of them being a fully touch-sensitive-display toting tablet while the other will be a less expensive version of the Kindle that's already out. For students, more than likely – the source who said he'd literally held the device in his hands said this new cheaper version would also actually be improved over the currently released Kindle on the market today. Of course ask anyone at Amazon to comment on these tablets, as we've been poking and prodding to do for months now, and they'll just say mum's the word.

This new Amazon Android tablet, on the other hand, is something they'll literally run away from you about. It's going to be a big deal, says we. This tablet will have no camera, no camera at all, says our source, and will indeed be running some version of Android. This newest tablet will have a nine-inch display, and will not be designed NOR will it be manufactured by Amazon themselves.

I suppose you're all asking yourselves the same question, because it ALWAYS comes up when you mention tablets: will this new Amazon Android tablet be able to compete with the iPad? I really, really... really don't think so. Especially since Apple, if the million rumors are to be believed, will be releasing some sort of new iPad as soon as September, good luck!