iPad HD tipped for September alongside iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone/iPad rumors continue to swirl, with further evidence pointing to a high-resolution version of the iPad set to launch later this year. Talk earlier today of an "

iPad 2 Plus

" has been echoed by

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, whose sources say the tablet – which they claim will launch as the iPad HD – will have a 2048 x 1538 double-resolution screen and be targeted at graphics pros such as those in video and photo production. Meanwhile, there's also more news on the

iPhone 5


iPhone 4S


To celebrate the iPad HD launch, it's said, Apple plans to release an iPad version of Final Cut or Aperture. What's definite is that this isn't the iPad 3, but an attempt to broaden the iPad range in the same manner as the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 is tipped to be Apple's sole new smartphone, rather than there being "5" and "4S" versions. Set to launch in September, the sources corroborate, the story is that Apple has confused tipsters by cladding the iPhone 5 components – which "are built for a smaller and lighter device" – in an iPhone 4 shell, similar to the iPhone 3GS casing that the prototype iPhone 4 handsets sported during field testing.

Apple's top-tier management is apparently tired of the iPhone 4 styling, and that's prompted a significant redesign. Among the changes are a 3.7-inch or thereabouts display, something that – at casual glance – might not look too different to what's on the iPhone 4 now. We won't know for sure until September, of course.