1TB Xbox One Halo MCC bundle spotted briefly on Amazon

Monkey see, monkey do, or something like that. It was just last week when keen eyes have spotted a PlayStation 4 at the FCC bearing a rather generous 1 TB of storage. Now, it's the Xbox One's turn to get such a leak. A product page on Amazon appeared, and quickly disappeared, showing a special Xbox One Halo: Master Chief Collection bundle that, yes, also included 1 TB of storage and the much leaked new wireless controller. And although the item has disappeared off the Internet, chances are we will get to see it again next week.

To be fair, this is not the first 1 TB Xbox One to grace the market. The first one came last year but it was only available in the Call of Duty: Adwanced Warfare limited edition, which, aside from being limited, it also had a rather polarizing design, quite literally. It also went on holiday sale late October, which means that the limited supply might have already run out. Aside from resellers, of course.

This new 1 TB Xbox One will hopefully be less limited and less conspicuous. The console bundle is said to be headed to the market on June 15, which unsurprisingly coincides with E3 this year. As a bundle, it comes with the somewhat controversial Halo: Master Chief Collection. The bundle to include the MCC was the Cirrus White Xbox One last month.

In addition to the terabyte of storage, the bundle was also noted to come with the Xbox One's new controller. This new wireless controller is set to address one of the most glaring deficiencies of the current stock: the lack of a headphone jack. So far, the game controller has appeared in numerous leaks, though it will hopefully see the light of day next week as well.

VIA: Eurogamer