Biden Administration Announces $140m Investment In AI Research

Artificial intelligence technology has taken off at a rapid pace in the past year and as such, has gained the interest of anyone ranging from hobbyists messing around in video games to major auto manufacturers, to the federal government, and everyone in between. In 2023, the world has likely seen only a small fraction of what AI is capable of, even beyond ChatGPT or autonomous cars. As such, the technology deserves more research and scrutiny to prevent it from being used with ill intentions, or in an otherwise unwise manner. Skynet from the "Terminator" movies likely isn't on the horizon, but it's a powerful technology that should be used responsibly. AI-generated videos are fun to play around with, but can also be used in willful disinformation campaigns. 

Today, the Biden Administration announced that it would be investing $140 million into researching AI, and has also announced that it has released new guidelines on the technology as a whole.

White House will meet with tech CEOs

According to the President, it remains to be seen exactly how dangerous AI technology can be. According to CNBC, Vice President Kamala Harris will be meeting with CEOs and executives from OpenAI, Antropic, Microsoft, and Alphabet. The $140 million invested will come from the National Science Foundation and be used to open up seven new research hubs. 

AI is evolving every day and has its share of critics who say the technology is too dangerous to be played around with, and development should be curtailed. Everyone from Joe Rogan to F1 racing champion Michael Schumacher has been mimicked with AI-generated videos. Still, technology companies have been implementing AI into social media apps and search engines to allow for more "conversational" search results, whether people want them or not. 

Like any new technology, it can be used for good or for evil. Federal oversight is likely a step in the right direction to ensure that the internet of the future isn't full of deep fake videos and misinformation (more than it already is).