The Acura Integra Type S Will Have A Huge Horsepower Increase Compared To The Base Integra

Acura's reinterpretation of the beloved Integra is already a fairly sporty offering from the brand, but Honda is boosting the power numbers with the 2024 Acura Integra Type S. The Type S will throw down 320 horsepower and 318 pound feet of torque. If over 300 horsepower wasn't enough for Acura fans, it comes with a six-speed, short-throw transmission as the only option. At least Honda is keeping manuals alive for the time being.

For comparison, the standard Integra puts out 200 horsepower from a 1.5-liter turbocharged VTEC motor. The Type-S sports a much larger 2-liter VTEC powerplant, according to an Acura press release. No other specific details of the powertrain or options list have been revealed about the Type-S. That being said, a teaser trailer for the car shows that it will feature a loud and crackle-filled exhaust note, and sport the classic Honda triple exhaust not dissimilar to the pipes on the Honda Civic Type-R.

The speed enthusiast's Integra

According to teaser images released by Acura, the Type S will get the widebody treatment with big fender flairs all around, plus a carbon-fiber like wing on the back hatch lid. Of course, no souped-up Japanese sportscar would be complete without a ton of special badges all over the car as well.

Pricing for the Type S has also not been revealed as of yet, but for comparison, the base model 2023 Integra starts at $31,300, and the manual transmission A-Spec version starts at $36,300. The Integra's cousin, the Civic Type R starts at $43,295. It's worth noting that the Type S makes five more horsepower than the Civic Type R and eight more pound-feet of torque, making it ever so slightly spicier.

According to Acura, the full Integra in all of its high-revving turbocharged glory will be shown off next month, before the 48th Annual Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, which takes place April 14-16.