5 Cars Owned By Iggy Pop That Prove He Has Great Taste

Wild musicians tend to have even more fantastic car collections. Keith Moon had plenty of classics he could drive into swimming pools, Eric Clapton has a Ferrari collection that would make your brain melt, and Iggy Pop, of Iggy and the Stooges fame, doesn't only have a "Lust for Life," he has a lust for a good drive as well.

Iggy had plenty of inspiration growing up. The Michigan native grew up close to Detroit during the Motor City's heyday. As the center of American automobile manufacturing, Detroit churned out classic after classic for decades. Until he moved, Iggy would have been surrounded by pristine classic Fords, Dodges, Chevys, Oldsmobiles, and many other classics.

He might claim to be "The Passenger," but Iggy has been spotted behind the wheel of many vehicles over the years. What makes this even more impressive is that he didn't bother to buy anything between his teenage years and the age of 44. Instead, the Stooges frontman would spend his time living between various cities and renting vehicles as he needed.

1956 Chevy Nomad

For Iggy Pop, it all started with a 1956 Chevy Nomad, which he picked up as a high school student in 1965. The musician describes his first ride as a "surfer car" and used the Nomad to pass his driving test. He bought it with money he had earned during the early stages of his budding music career. 

Despite his performances paying for the car and the fact there was plenty of room inside, the legendary musician didn't buy it for hauling gear around. He preferred to use a trailer hitched to a bandmate's vehicle, a van, or a car borrowed from a roadie to transport equipment to gigs. 

If it were still around these days, Iggy Pop's 1956 Chevy Nomad would be an undisputed classic. Unfortunately, it ended its life off the road somewhere in northern Michigan. Pop lost control on a gravel road, rolled it, and wrote it off. He didn't bother to replace the Nomad either and instead entered a decades-long spell with nothing but rental cars in his garage.

1992 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is a favorite among enthusiasts, celebrities, and collectors. Famous owners of vintage Broncos include figures like "Top Gun: Maverick's" Miles Teller, "Euphoria's" Sydney Sweeney, and of course, Iggy Pop. Iggy and the Bronco have a fair bit in common. They're both designed to take a bit of a beating, and they're both pioneers. Iggy's music laid the foundation for the punk movement and the Ford Bronco has laid many foundations. 

However, unlike other stars, Iggy didn't personally seek out a Bronco due to his love of the vehicle. He didn't seek out cars between purchasing his Chevy Nomad in high school and the day he sent his manager out to get him a car in the early 90s. His manager opted for a Bronco, and Iggy thought it was a great choice, praising the car's famous rugged reliability and describing it as "wonderful" during an interview with GQ. It was initially used to help the singer move from LA to northern Mexico, but he hung onto the Bronco for around a decade and a half.

1984 Ferrari 308 GTS

What would a car collection be without a bit of "Raw Power?" Iggy Pop's collection includes a Ferrari, a difficult vehicle to acquire. If you want to buy one new, you usually have to have a good relationship with Ferrari and a history of expressing interest in the brand. You also have to stay on the company's good side if you want to keep buying Ferraris, and far tamer musicians than Iggy Pop have fallen foul of the prancing horse. 

Pop avoided those problems by buying a used Ferrari in the late 1990s. The car he opted for, a 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS, found fame in the TV show "Magnum PI," so it's fitting that Iggy spent most of his time in it blasting around Miami. There's also a possibility that Pop's Ferrari has another big-screen connection. Its previous owner is listed as "John Malkovich" — though the singer doesn't know if it's the actor or just another person with the same name.

Iggy's Ferrari is one of the least rare models the Italian manufacturer has produced, and you can get hold of one for as little as $50,000 these days. Remember, though, not rare in a Ferrari sense is still exceedingly rare. Around 12,000 308s were produced back in the 1970s. Spread that number globally, subtract any junked or lost in the decades since, and then realize you're unlikely to spot one in the wild.

1966 Jeepster Commando

Every genuinely great car collection has something a bit silly in it. A dune buggy, a comically colossal pickup truck, and a two-seat German microcar are among the many bizarre vehicles celebrities have owned over the years. Iggy Pop's collection is no exception, and the aging rocker is free to go wild in his flame-clad yellow 1966 Jeepster Commando. It's capable of going off-road, but tack on a set of chrome wheels and it becomes loud enough to get you noticed even if you're driving through the most remote place on earth.

Pop acquired what he calls "American Fun Cars" from a specialist dealer named Ted Vernon, who, like the cars on his lot, is described as "Flamboyant." Pop's working relationship with Vernon departed from his usual car-buying habits. While he was always prone to picking up an outlandish motor, the musician preferred to use the classified section as he hated working with used car dealers. Talking to MotorTrend, Pop stated quite bluntly: "I thought, 'Well, I don't want to deal with some prick just to get the car!'"

1980 Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible

Iggy Pop's car collection isn't all about speed and style. A few comfort options are also there — including a classic 1980 Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible. While many Rollers are hard-tops, the convertible allows Pop to enjoy the Florida sun while cruising along on Rolls Royce's famously smooth suspension. Fellow musician Frank Sinatra also had a Corniche convertible. However, Sinatra received his as a gift that he eventually re-gifted himself — so the chances are he didn't enjoy it as much as Iggy Pop has enjoyed his.

This isn't the only Rolls in the punk icon's collection. Although he's prone to some extremely disturbing on-stage antics, Iggy prefers a bit of comfort on the road as he is also the proud owner of a 2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. The Phantom is Pop's current daily driver, which is understandable considering his age and the number of knocks he's taken. As with many of his vehicles, Iggy opted to buy many of his Rolls Royces used — though this may not have saved him that much overall. His main complaints about the cars related to the price of repairing them, with every fault setting him back thousands of dollars. One also caught fire when he was sitting in it.