Here's How Much It Costs To Charge Your EV At Wawa

As electric cars make their way off drawing boards and onto American roads, drivers' concerns with EVs stop being theoretical and start being practical. U.S. drivers' reservations about the country's motor pool going electric stem from driving range primarily, where a majority of surveyed drivers worry about limited driving range.

We agree with Car and Driver: EV market share is higher this year than ever before and likely to keep rising, but thus far, no single service has stood up and said "We're the new gas stations. We're making a commitment that EV drivers nationwide can charge their cars here."

Instead, a wide variety of retailers with heavy customer traffic have begun to treat EV charging as an appealing new revenue stream. Kroger and Walmart have already made EV charging available to customers, in addition to the many conventional gas stations that have incorporated a plug-in charger or two. Recently, East Coast convenience store chain Wawa also got into the EV game. How do they compare to other charge providers?

Electrifying your budget

To address the obvious questions first: Yes, you can charge your EV at some Wawa locations, and no, it isn't free. Like most of the big chains that provide EV charging, Wawa doesn't actually own any EV service providers. Instead, MotorBiscuit reports that Wawa is partnering with EVgo and Electrify America, which also works with Kroger and Walmart.

Since Wawa does its charging through a third-party partner, costs will depend on a driver's membership status. The flat cost for an EV driver charging at Wawa, without either an Electrify America Pass+ or an EVgo membership, is $0.43/kWh. Electrify America Pass+ members will pay $0.31/kWh up to 350 kW, plus the service's $4/month membership fee. EVgo members will pay $0.24/kWh or $0.27/kWh with a $1.99/month or $6.99/month membership respectively. Across the board, regardless of membership, Wawa appears to cap recharges at 350 kWh per session.

Note that those amounts were accurate at time of writing, but may have changed since. Like gas prices, EV charging costs vary with the energy market. Not all Wawa stores will have both EV charging options, either. Electrify America and EVgo members should check beforehand to get the best possible price for their membership status.