Here's How Much It Actually Costs To Maintain A Tesla Model X

New tech costs are just a fact. One of the downsides of early adoption has always been that the infrastructure needed to maintain a brand-new product doesn't exist yet. This is especially true when tech comes with social clout. When a new machine is also a status symbol, the manufacturer's first priority tends to be getting the thing on the market with all the external elements perfect. Reliability and ease of service are secondary concerns when the consumer's first priority is to show off their new toy.

That's an ugly habit with new cars in particular. The latest models sporting innovative systems can get the worst of both worlds: they're unproven tech and a flex all at once. Tesla has an established reputation for that — see previous reports on the electric car company's propensity for recalls and ability to whiff even simple changes. It's a legitimate concern, particularly for customers looking at a six-figure price tag (via Kelley Blue Book). Just how much does it cost to keep a Tesla Model X on the road?

Big Tesla with a small overall cost

Maintenance on any model of Tesla absolutely comes with the new car blues. Simple operations like replacing a windshield can cost triple the expense of a more conventional car. That said, as Automoblog reports, Tesla models also consistently require less maintenance overall. The all-electric design eliminates common problem areas like spark plugs and clunky fossil-fuel exhaust systems. On balance, Automoblog finds that Teslas end up cheaper to drive than other luxury cars, despite costing more per service, simply because the engineering is that much cleaner. For the Model X in particular, Tesla also offers an extended service warranty, saving that much more.

As with most electric cars, the part of greatest concern to thrifty Tesla Model X drivers is the battery. In more good news for fans of the electric SUV, the Model X battery seems to perform excellently. Autoweek reports that, according to car rental service Tesloop, after 330,000 miles on the clock, the Model X battery pack had only degraded by 23%. That's some serious performance from what can be a finicky piece of tech.

On the whole, maintenance costs on a Tesla Model X are pleasantly low. Individual fixes will cost drivers, but high-quality engineering and the benefits of electric propulsion keep the need for service to a minimum. Just try not to get caught in any of those recalls.