Here's How Long A Tesla Model X Battery Will Actually Last

The technology of batteries used to power electric vehicles has come a long way –- from lead-acid batteries that were used in GM's EV1 back in the '90s to lithium-ion batteries that are now used by most electric vehicle models. Tesla is one of those companies that are leading in the electric vehicle revolution, and batteries are the new gold rush.

In its quest to take over the electric vehicle industry and compete with gas-powered SUVs, Tesla introduced the Model X, a car we've reviewed before. It's a top of the range electric SUV that is built on the Model S platform; that's why they're often compared. Even Jeremy Clarkson, who was infamously sued by Tesla for reputational damage, thinks the Model X is a fabulous car (via YouTube).

If you've driven a Tesla Model X, you've probably experienced range anxiety at some point. Even if you don't have a range anxiety problem, you probably can't help but wonder how long will the battery pack could last before you need to replace it. 

The latest Model X can drive over 330 miles on a single charge

The battery range of a Tesla Model X depends on the year it was released. For instance, the 2016 Tesla Model X 90D offers a maximum range of up to 257 miles, and the cheaper 60D model came with a lower range of 200 miles (via Car and Driver). But if you're buying the latest Tesla Model X today, you get an estimated range of 348 miles, while the Plaid model offers an estimated range of 333 miles, according to the EPA estimates listed on Tesla's website.

However, the battery range of a Tesla Model X can fluctuate depending on the environment and driving variables. More succinctly, cold weather, uphill driving, high-speed driving, tire pressure, and extra cargo can reduce the battery range of your Tesla Model X. For an accurate estimate, the energy app on your Tesla calculates how long the battery will last after a single charge based on your environment and driving pattern.

The original battery pack could last over 300k miles

According to Elon Musk, the current battery modules of Tesla vehicles should last 300k to 500k miles -– this is equivalent to about 1500 cycles. Besides that, we know that EV batteries degrade over time which causes reductions in maximum range. The question is, how does the battery of a Tesla Model X perform after a high mileage?

We got our answer from Tesloop, a company that rents out EVs, after it disclosed data of a Tesla Model X that covered about 330,000 miles (via Autoweek) -– it only lost 23 percent of its battery range. Jalopnik and Electrek also checked out some of the highest mileage Tesla Model X vehicles, and according to the maintenance records, the battery packs were replaced under warranty after 317k and 325k miles in each vehicle. However, both sources claim that the batteries were not replaced because of degradation, but a problem with the charging system and software.

It's worth mentioning that the data we've used to deduce how long a Tesla Model X battery could actually last is from older high mileage models, particularly from 2016. It's possible that the latest Model X vehicles could have battery packs that don't need to be replaced up to 500k miles — only time will tell.

Nevertheless, the latest impact report by Tesla (PDF) claims that your Model X should retain at least 90% of its battery capacity after 200k miles. Also, the manufacturer's warranty covers the battery of your Model X if it degrades by more than 30% within 8 years or 150,000 miles.