The 10 Rarest Vehicles In Brad Pitt's Collection

Brad Pitt has appeared in so many movies that it's hard to pick his best, with his blockbuster hits including "Se7en," "Fight Club," and "Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood," among many others. His multi-decade career has seen him become one of Hollywood's most sought-after stars, and with his high-profile marriage to Angelina Jolie, he became one-half of the movie industry's biggest power couple. Unfortunately for Pitt, that marriage didn't last, with his divorce being both very messy and very public. His film career, however, shows no sign of slowing down.

Pitt's many box office successes have netted him hundreds of millions of dollars, and with that cash, he has bought an enviable fleet of cars, motorcycles, and even an airplane. Pitt's collection is both eclectic and very valuable, with the total worth of all his vehicles stretching well into seven figures. From eco-friendly family cars to the world's most expensive motorcycle, let's take a look at some of the highlights of Pitt's collection.

Lexus GS350 F-Sport

While it's far from the fastest or priciest car in Brad Pitt's collection, his Lexus GS350 F-Sport was for a while his daily driver. An official Lexus account shared a photo of Pitt, his wife, and his children getting into the car in 2013, but it's not clear whether he still owns it today . The GS350 was designed to rival the BMW 535i, and reviews suggest it put up a fair fight (via Auto Blog). Its 3.5L V6 packed plenty of punch, but it still retained a smooth ride in Normal driving mode. Turn the dial up to Sport S though, and the car delivered sharper steering and a firmer, sportier ride, which Autoblog suggested was almost un-Lexuslike in its character.

The car's styling remained fairly nondescript, but that meant that it blended in perfectly with traffic, an excellent way to try and avoid the prying eyes of the paparazzi. It wasn't too expensive to purchase either, with a list price of just over $50,000 with the F Sport package included (via Autoblog). However, with an estimated net worth of around $300 million, it's likely that Pitt wasn't too bothered about its value but preferred its understated looks and enjoyable drive (via Celebrity Net Worth).

Tesla Model S

Tesla has established itself as one of the most popular automakers in California, with two of the top five best-selling cars in the state in 2021 being made by the American company (via Electrek). Brad Pitt has been a resident of Los Angeles for many years now, and it seems like he had to get in on the hype, as he's been spotted driving a Model S around the city. The Model S was only the second mass-produced Tesla ever made, after the Roadster, and its popularity helped propel the automaker from a plucky startup to a household name.

It was first launched in 2012 with an EPA-rated range of 265 miles, making it one of the longest-range EVs on the market at the time (via The Car Connection). Even back then, adding enough options to the top-spec Model S could push its price over $100,000, and it's likely that Pitt's Tesla would have been top of the range. In 2022, a top-spec Model S Plaid costs at least $127,590, and that's without any optional extras.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Another vehicle that seems to be mandatory among the Beverly Hills elite is the G-Wagon, and Pitt is no exception. Before he turned his focus to environmentally-friendly daily drivers, Brad Pitt was smitten with the gas-guzzling Mercedes SUV, reportedly buying not one but two examples shortly after they were launched in the U.S. in 2002 (via New York Times). It might now be seen by many people as nothing more than a celeb mobile, but the G-Class actually started out as a military vehicle, and it proved popular with both armies and with local German police forces. It's always been famed for its go-anywhere capabilities, and despite being significantly more glamorous in modern form than the original SUV was, it's lost none of its off-road abilities.

It's also proven itself to be one of the most reliable SUVs of all time, with one particularly high mileage example covering 559,000 miles and visiting 215 countries (via Classic Cars Journal). So, it's safe to say that Pitt could have continued to drive his G-Wagon for the next few decades and not have to worry about its dependability, but his recent drive for sustainable cars has meant he's fallen out of love with Germany's toughest SUV.

BMW Hydrogen 7

Although electric cars have ended up being the dominant form of eco-friendly cars on the market, they weren't always considered to be the best option. In the late 2000s, several major manufacturers were weighing the advantages of using hydrogen to power their cars, and one of those manufacturers was BMW. The Bavarian brand made a handful of hydrogen-powered 7 Series executive sedans, and Brad Pitt was one of the high-profile faces chosen to pilot one, alongside fellow Hollywood starlet Cameron Diaz (via Wired).

Wired reports that as recently as 2009, BMW had affirmed its intent to develop hydrogen-powered cars further, but a lack of infrastructure combined with the rising popularity of EVs meant that the company never made a mass-produced hydrogen-powered model. The only manufacturer that did push ahead with its hydrogen plans was Toyota. The Japanese company released the Mirai, which at the time of writing is the only production car on sale in America to use hydrogen fuel. It's now in its second generation, but despite being available in California, Pitt has never been seen driving one.

Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Edition

Not every ride in Brad Pitt's garage is an eco-friendly one, as it was reported in 2015 that Pitt's then-wife Angelina Jolie had gifted the actor a new Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Edition. The Vanquish's 6.0L V12 engine makes 568 horsepower, and is responsible for producing one of Aston Martin's best-ever exhaust notes, according to Car Magazine. Despite ever-closer ties with Mercedes-AMG, the Vanquish remained a truly unique experience, albeit one that few would ever be lucky enough to afford.

Pitt's Carbon Edition Vanquish was even pricier than a standard version of the supercar, costing around $300,000 according to Airows. Since it was a present from Jolie, it's not known whether Pitt has kept the car post-breakup, but it's never been publicly listed for sale, so it's probable that he did. Hopefully, it still gets used occasionally, as it would be a crying shame to buy something so good to drive and then leave it at the back of the garage forever.

Ducati Desmosedici RR

To be fair to Brad Pitt, it's probably easy for him to forget about one or two of his vehicles, as he's simply got so many of them. Alongside his fleet of cars, the actor also has an extensive collection of bikes, including what many consider to be one of the greatest Ducatis ever made, the Desmosedici RR. He's not the only A-lister to have such a bike, as his alleged arch-rival Tom Cruise also owns one of these fabled Ducatis. When Pitt found out that Cruise was going to get a Desmosedici RR before him, he allegedly threw a fit and demanded that all other deliveries of the bike be halted until his was delivered (via Visordown).

According to Visordown, shipping agent UPS upheld the actor's request, at the expense of annoying every other A-lister who was waiting to get their hands on the bike, allegedly including Michael Jordan and Denzel Washington. Curiously enough, a representative for Pitt actually denied at the time that the actor had ever ordered the bike, and he's never been pictured riding it in public. Perhaps the leaked news of his tantrum worried his PR agency enough for him to keep the bike firmly squirreled away in the back of his garage somewhere.

Zero Engineering Type 9

Zero Engineering is a Japanese-American boutique manufacturer that assembles its frames in Japan, then ships them to Las Vegas to fit the engine and complete the final assembly (via Robb Report). The Type 9 is one of the brand's most popular models, with Robb Report labeling it "a stirring antidote to mass-produced motorcycles." It's deliberately not the most polished of bikes, with rudimentary suspension and an exposed belt drive that spins alarmingly close to the rider's foot (although an optional casing is available). It's very much a motorcycle for seasoned riders only, straddling the line between bare-bones functionality and fashionable styling.

Brad Pitt reportedly has one in his collection, yet despite its rarity, it's far from his most expensive bike (via Esquire). With a starting price of roughly $40,000, the Type 9 is still a long way from being affordable, but it costs less than a sixth of the asking price of the most expensive motorcycle in the actor's garage.

Ecosse Titanium Series

The priciest motorcycle Brad Pitt owns also happens to be one of the most expensive in the world, with an eye-watering price tag of $275,000, excluding any extras (via Cheat Sheet). When it was launched, it was reportedly the first motorcycle to use an all-titanium frame, and it was powered by a 200 horsepower, 2150cc billet aluminum v-twin engine (via New Atlas). It packed MotoGP-grade Öhlins suspension, and there were carbon fiber accents used throughout the bike. Ecosse (perhaps understandably, given its price) didn't lend the motorcycle out to reviewers for testing, but we can safely assume it was brutally fast to ride.

It's hard to argue that any motorcycle costing as much as many houses could be considered "good value," even if Ecosse reportedly threw in a complimentary matching watch to sweeten the deal. It seems like the only real market for such a pricey machine is collectors who like to show off, and you could say Pitt fits that description pretty well. At least with such a powerful bike, he'd have no problems outrunning the paparazzi. Although, as the actor found out in 2009, those paparazzi come in handy when your high-end bike breaks down and you need a lift to the nearest repair shop (via Auto Evolution).

Ducati Monster 1100S

The bike in question that broke down was a custom Bobber, but Auto Evolution reports that Brad Pitt had also bought a new Ducati Monster 1100S around the same time. The actor had reportedly been seen riding around L.A. on his Bobber so many times that some photographers had stopped following him, but for some reason, he'd never been snapped on the Ducati. The Italian superbike was bought for him by his then-girlfriend Angelina Jolie, as a present for his 45th birthday.

With a 1078cc engine making 90 horsepower, the Monster 1100S isn't the most powerful motorcycle in the A-lister's collection, but it's still a lot faster than most people would ever be comfortable riding. Like his Ecosse Titanium Series, the Monster 1100S comes equipped with race-ready Öhlins suspension, but unlike the Ecosse, the frame is made from regular tubular steel rather than futuristic titanium. It's still lightweight, though, with a dry weight of just 370 lb (168 kg) according to Ducati.

Supermarine Spitfire

He might have an extensive collection of cars and motorcycles, but just like his long-time Hollywood rival Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt is also an experienced pilot and owns his own airplane. The plane in question is a Supermarine Spitfire, which he reportedly bought in 2013 for the princely sum of $3.3 million (via Flying Mag). He learned to fly the plane at a specialist flight academy in Oxford, England, but it's not clear whether Pitt still keeps it in the U.K. or whether he's had it transported back to the United States. He bought the Sptifire while filming "Fury," a World War II-era action film that was released a year later in 2014, according to Rotten Tomatoes).

At the time, reports described Pitt as an "accomplished pilot" who had owned and flown many aircraft prior to buying the Spitfire, although there's limited evidence available to confirm this (via Flying Magazine). He had previously been pictured flying Angelina Jolie's Cirrus SR-22, which ended up getting grounded around the time that he bought the Spitfire as its registration hadn't been renewed (via Wings Magazine). Perhaps Pitt had brought the Spitfire as a replacement toy since he couldn't borrow his girlfriend's plane anymore, or perhaps he just fancied his own piece of British aviation history.