Xbox One Forza 5 bundle due next week

Xbox One has another bundle in the pipeline, with news that for a limited period all buyers of the console will get a copy of Forza Motorsport 5 too. The pairing, which kicks off at select retailers next week, is another in a series of bundles Microsoft has put together for its next-gen console, including the Titanfall package also due this month.

According to Microsoft's Major Nelson, the promotion will be offered "for a limited time" though exactly how long that will be is unclear.

Similarly unknown is which retailers will be taking part in the promotion. Microsoft suggests contacting them direct; normally, a digital download of Forza 5 is $59.99 from the company direct.

There's still no sign of a potential price cut for Xbox One in the US, unlike in the UK where Microsoft trimmed its console's cost last month to better compete with PlayStation 4.

Microsoft recently released its March update for Xbox One, bringing a number of new features – including improved multiplayer and party chat, which will be particularly useful to Titanfall – among bugfixes and patches. Somewhat unusually, the update also demands that the Xbox One controller be upgraded too.