Watch Dogs gameplay details spilled

This week we've had the opportunity to have a peek at some Watch Dogs gameplay action never before seen by the public, courtesy of Ubisoft and NVIDIA, the latter group holding a gaming event this week in Montreal. As this work has not been finalized, we've not been allowed to film it – but we can talk about it. Here you'll find the likes of an incredibly immersive gameplay system, the likes of which certainly appear to live up to the expectations set by Ubisoft laid down in the months leading up to this point in time.

The exploration of the landscape is actually surprisingly similar to what you'll see in Batman: Arkham Origins. The big difference here is the amount of tools you'll be able to use. Believe it or not, it would appear that you'll have a tool belt bigger than Batman's when you take your role in Watch Dogs.

You'll be able to head to the store to pick up a collection of weapons. You'll be able to work with distraction devices galore, and – of course – you'll be able to hack. There's also a tool called Blackout. This Blackout tool sends out what's essentially an EMP, an electro-magnetic pulse. Of course it's not explained the same way, but it does the same thing as you may have seen in Oceans 11 (the newer version).

Hacking is not a one-dimensional thing, our host from Ubisoft suggested, i's able to be used as a weapon, a distraction, and for cover – and for whatever else you can imagine it'd be used for. Hacking garage doors can open shortcuts. Moving a crane can allow you a whole new place to shoot your pistol from. The real deal here is that this open-sandbox world appears much more immersive than any such gameplay we've seen before.

Have a peek at the Watch Dogs timeline below for additional eyes-ON gameplay and be sure to stick around SlashGear's NVIDIA tag portal the whole rest of this week for more gaming action than you can handle.