Ubisoft kicks Watch Dogs release back to 2014

It would appear that the folks at Ubisoft aren't entirely ready to roll out their titles Watch Dogs and The Crew just yet, as they've pushed the titles back from the 2013-14 season to 2014-15 instead. This morning's announcement came with word that the company would also be adjusting financial targets for the coming season, owing largely to the change of dates for the two relatively large title releases. The games will be ready to roll for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting next year.

Suggesting that their goal isn't to release a set of games early, but to "win the next generation", the team at Ubisoft have made clear the idea that they'll be needing to get the games right – make them perfect – before they're ready to appear. This push is seen by the company to be well within line for their aims for 2014 with little said of a move away from the initial release dates for both title.

"Our long term goal is to win the next generation. The tough decisions we are taking today to fully realize the major potential of our new creations have an impact on our short-term performance. We are convinced that, longer term, they will prove to be the right decisions both in terms of satisfaction for our fans and in terms of value creation for our shareholders.

We are building franchises that will become perennial pillars of Ubisoft's financial performance. In a context of growing successes for mega-blockbusters, the additional time given to the development of our titles will allow them to fulfill their huge ambitions and thus offer players even more exceptional experiences." – Ubisoft co-founder and CEO Yves Guillemot

It's likely that players out in the wild waiting for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 and the title Watch Dogs in particular will be a bit put off by this news. Watch Dogs was and is continuing to be marketed as a hero product for the console, and certainly one of the biggest titles to have been released by Ubisoft in their history with such 3rd person games.

Ubisoft recently released some competitive marketing against (or with, however you look at it) Rockstar Games, suggesting users would be done with Grand Theft Auto V by the time Watch Dogs was released. It would appear that they'll have more than enough time to explore Los Santos given this new wave of news.