Watch Dogs Calls Out GTA V: 2 Months Is Enough

Suggesting that both games are tied inextricably to their city-based environments, Ubisoft has called out Rockstar Games with an advertisement for Watch Dogs at the expense of Grand Theft Auto 5 this afternoon. The game GTA V is an "open sandbox" game which allows the user to run freely through the fictional island-based city of Los Santos, while Watch Dogs takes place in a futuristic Chicago. Ubisoft suggests that the amount of time between the launch of GTA V (today) and Watch Dogs (November) is plenty for a friendly visit.

The similarities between these two games continue to spring up. Just yesterday an iPhone parody app was released for GTA V in hopes of the public getting in on the fun early and keeping their eyes glued to the game's content even when they're not able to play at home. Watch Dogs has been detailed as a game that expands well beyond the console itself, coming with companion apps for Android and iOS to give more depth to the game as it bonds with the user's everyday life.

Users are able to grab Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in-store starting today, while console and PC versions of Watch Dogs will be appearing on November 21st. It's suggested by Ubisoft that once a person has had enough of GTA V, they'll be more than ready to roll hard in Chicago.

Kicking up dust in a futuristic Smart City Chicago means taking to hacking all devices, large and small in Watch Dogs. Gameplay is similar to Grand Theft Auto and similar games – like Saint's Row – only at its base. Once you get past the idea that you can hack and destroy massive amounts of objects and lives, you'll find what appears to be a much more complicated setup. This game may be as much a puzzle-solver as it is a 3rd person shooter.

VIA: Jason Evangelho