Ubisoft hack spawns Watch Dog promo conspiracy theories

Yesterday, game publisher Ubisoft was hacked, leading to usernames and passwords on their ubi.com website being stolen. However, it seems that a lot of Ubisoft fans are wondering if it's a serious situation or just a publicity stunt for a marketing campaign for Ubisoft's upcoming game Watch Dogs, which is a game based on hacking into various computer systems.

When Ubisoft posted about the hack on their Facebook page, many fans commented on and questioned whether or not the hack was actually legitimate, or just propaganda for Watch Dogs. Users asked questions like, "Are you sure its not just a watch dogs promotional stunt?" and commenting, "this is probably a Watch Dogs stunt," and "hacked by Aiden Pearce."

It seems the questionable hack was brought up after the fact that users received an email from Ubisoft, but noted that the email looked like spam with some users saying that the email was in German and full of grammatical mistakes. Other users noted that there was no signature attached to the email, so they couldn't tell who it was from. Even the email address seemed a bit weird: email_ubi@email.ubi.com.

However, Ubisoft clarified over and over that it was a real hack, giving users a link to change their passwords. While the game publisher says that passwords are encrypted, there's still a chance that they could be cracked by the hackers, so they're warning all users to change their passwords before the hackers end up cracking them to get access to further information.

Ubisoft also says that financial information is safe, as the publisher doesn't host that information on their website or server, but rather through a third-party. Then again, if a hacker ended up logging into your account, they could eventually find their way to your financial information and other personal info. Hacked or not, it's always a good idea to change your password every so often to prevent peeping eyes from gaining access to your info.