Virgin Mobile no-contract data sharing plans are an industry first

It would seem that T-Mobile USA isn't the only brand on the block attempting to shake up the smartphone data industry. This week Virgin Mobile USA has come forth with news that they're going to offer the "industry's first no-contract data sharing plans," and they'll be doing so through Walmart exclusively. These plans are aimed at all mobile users, offering 4G LTE "multi-line data sharing" starting at thirty dollars a line for up to three lines – this will begin on Saturday, the 17th of January, 2015.

Virgin Mobile is bringing this heat with the brand "Data Done Right" – this referring to data share plans being released as early as tomorrow. Three separate plans are being ushered in, each with their own number of active users allowed onboard.

Each plan includes Unlimited Talk and Unlimited Text – as all smartphone plans here in modernity aught to. Starting at $65 a month – that's the cheapest with all users included, you'll have a total of 4GB of 3G/4G LTE data to use per month.

The $30 per month "starting cost" mentioned above – that's the one you'll hear the most about out in the wild. That $30 cost comes in per-user on the second tier. The second tier includes 3 lines and will cost you $90 a month total – that's $30 per user. Sly, isn't it. This plan will include 8GB of 3G/4G LTE data.

The largest plan includes 4 lines and will cost you $115 a month, and you'll be allowed 12GB of 3G/4G LTE data.

Virgin Mobile is also bringing two new single-line plans to Walmart, including a $35/month option that includes 300 minutes of talk (you don't talk on your phone anymore anyway, right?) This plan also includes Unlimited text messaging and Unlimited data – that's 2.5GB high-speed data, in this case.

The other Unlimited plan is $45 a month for Unlimited everything – Talk, Text, and Data.

Virgin Mobile suggests that the following devices will be eligible for their Unlimited and Data Share plans:

• HTC Desire 510

• LG Tribute

• LG Volt

• Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

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