T-Mobile gained 8 million customers in 2014

We were roundly impressed with T-Mobile in 2014, and it seems we weren't alone. The company is reporting gains across the board, adding 1.3 million customers to its brand, and 2.1 million total customers in Q4 2014. Overall, they added 8.3 million new customers in 2014, and say their network covers 265 million users nationwide. Coming off a year of aggressive promotions and hefty challenges to competing carriers, T-Mobile has proven their Uncarrier scheme is working really well.

According to T-Mobile's CEO John Legere, the gains are often coming at the expense of the competition. "Porting ratios have been in our favor vs. the competition for seven consecutive quarters and it looks like we will continue to beat everyone on total postpaid phone adds as well."

He also promises the carrier won't be "slowing down" with their aggressive tactics to shake the carrier industry up. Earlier int he day, AT&T announced a plan to let you roll data over, but it pales in comparison to T-Mobile's rollover offer.

T-Mobile says their prepaid number uptick is "due to the continued strength of the MetroPCS brand". Their branded prepaid customer count was up 266,000, while their total prepaid adds were 1.5 million last quarter. Overall, T-Mobile prepaid is up 16.4% over last year, bringing in just over 6 million new customers in 2014.

Source: T-Mobile