Toshiba MediaGuide hands-on

The big guns at Toshiba have decided to tie their mobile sector and their brand new smart TVs together with a push for full integration via an app by the name of Toshiba MediaGuide. This application allows you to control your cable box or satellite receiver of one of either of the Toshiba L6200 or L7200 Cinema Series Smart TVs, and can be run on essentially any Android device, including the one we're seeing here – the Toshiba Excite X10 10-inch tablet. We also got a slightly closer look at the Toshiba L7200 Cinema Series LES Smart 3D TV if you'd like to take a peek at that, this post concentrating on the application itself.

This application works with data from Rovi, it providing users with an extensive, descriptive set of megadata on the shows they've got access to. Inside is more than 2.5 million program descriptions, shows as they pop up, and searchable data on TV series and celebrities that goes back to 1960, and more! Have a peek at how this app will work on your tablet, for example.

The Rovi group supports digital broadcasting throughout North America, incase you were wondering, they providing the data to whoever so chooses to license it. Connected to your Toshiba L7200 of L6200, both of them equipped with wi-fi connectivity, this setup is able to "access, discover, organize, and recommend" the internet-based content you want to watch as well. Streaming data including video, music, and photos can be stored on your local network and streamed without effort, a few taps and you're good to go!