TopTechGifts Holiday Guide gets some SlashGear suggestions

Last Christmas Vincent sent me a 64MB flash memory key in the shape of a squirrel, but apparently his gift selecting skills have been polished in the meantime as he's been asked to help TopTechGifts put together their 2008 Holiday Gift Guide.  Suggesting possible presents can be tricky, but I'd wager that Vincent's top ten will have at least a couple of items you'll agree with.


At ten, there's the Microsoft Zune 120, not least for its unlimited music subscription package, followed at nine by the Blackline GPS Snitch which we loved for its 007-like tracking abilities.  At eight comes the HP DreamColor LP2480zx LCD display, for its hypnotically-good color reproduction, a justification that could equally apply to number seven, the Pioneer Elite KURO 9G 151FD 60-inch plasma HDTV.

Ultraportable computing at both ends of the price scale takes positions six and five, in the shape of the indecently slick Sony VAIO TT and the affordably cool Acer Aspire One.  They're followed by an even more portable computing device, the T-Mobile G1 at four, perfect for open-source heroes and tweak-fantatics, before the 13-inch Apple MacBook snatches away position number three with a great blend of style and performance.

In second place in Vincent's TopTechGifts guide comes the BlueAnt V1 Voice Control Bluetooth Headset, which still manages to wow with its verbally-guided control system.  Best of all is the price: what started off at $130 is now available for just over eighty bucks, a total bargain if you ask us. 

At number one, you might expect a certain Apple cellphone but it's another fruit-branded device that actually takes the top spot.  The second-generation iPod touch gets the nod from Vincent, as the near-perfect blend of audio, video and internet functionality.  Multimedia addicts would love to find this with their name on the tag.

Agree with Vincent's holiday selection?  Prefer to find something else inside the brightly colored wrapping paper?  Let us know in the comments.