Apple iPod touch 2G: Video Unboxing

Vincent Nguyen - Sep 9, 2008
Apple iPod touch 2G: Video Unboxing

First impressions are perhaps trickier with the iPod touch 2G than they are for the iPod nano 4G.  Unlike the smaller PMP, there’s no massive case change to catch the eye; instead, it’s when you first pick up the touch 2G that you realise Apple have managed to further polish their flagship iPod.  We’re currently testing out the new iPod touch 2G, but wanted to show you the unboxing video.

Check out the iPod touch 2G unboxing video after the cut

That’s not to say that Apple haven’t squeezed some extra features into the second-generation touch.  Aside from a hardware volume control, which has been long asked for, and an internal speaker for headphone-free playback, Apple have squeezed in a Nike+ receiver.

What could be the biggest change is the new firmware, version 2.1, which the touch will share with the iPhone 3G.  That includes gems such as Genius, the intelligent auto-playlist generator.  Rest assured we’ll be putting v2.1 through its paces over the next couple of days, so keep reading SlashGear for our full review.

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