Three UK takes a hands-on look at the Galaxy Nexus [Video]

It's time for the carrier videos showing off the next hero device for Google to be shown off, this simple set of explorations starting as a hands-on with Three UK and Brendan Arndt. What you'll get to see here is no less than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as it'll be showing up in the UK. This is a slightly different configuration than the USA is going to see as the carrier here in the USA will be on Verizon Wireless and running with a 4G LTE connection. What this video will afford you is a another close-up look at the first device, or perhaps the second, running Ice Cream Sandwich out in the wild, starting before the end of the year.

One thing this video will allow you to see perhaps better than anyone not having already had a hands-on look themselves have been able to see is the HD screen. The Galaxy Nexus has 720 x 1280 pixel resolution on an HD Super AMOLED technology 4.65-inch display. And on top of that, it's curved as well – have a look at the post Galaxy Nexus has a curved pentile OLED display for some heavy conversation on what you're going to see.

Earlier today we also got a look at the first place you can pick up the Galaxy Nexus in the UK over at Phones4u as carried by Orange. There's also a listing of all the UK carriers if you'd like them as well. At the moment there's just Orange, Three, and Vodafone carrying the device in the UK, while O2 and T-Mobile UK have yet to announce their allegiance to the vanilla Android cause.