The new 2021 Ford F-150 will be revealed June 25: Here's what to expect

Ford will officially reveal the all-new 2021 F-150 truck on June 25, the automaker has confirmed, the hotly-anticipated update to the best-selling pickup. With physical events off the calendar, Ford will be unveiling the new F-150 via webcast, with the presentation expected to kick off at 8pm ET (5pm PT).

Interest is likely to be high, too. The F-150 is already America's best-selling vehicle, and has indeed been since 1981. That's despite what at the time were seen as potentially risky moves, like the switch to a controversial aluminum body with the 13th generation F-150 back in 2015.

Done at the time to save curb weight – and not inconsiderably, with nearly 750 pounds trimmed – the decision paid off with healthy sales, and rivals following suit with aluminum efforts of their own. The F-150 saw a mid-cycle redesign in 2018, including engine and transmission updates, and the truck's first PowerStroke diesel option. However in the face of stronger competition from Chevrolet, Ram, and others, it was becoming clear that Ford needed to pull out all the stops for the new F-150.

We'll see the results of those efforts on June 25, and there's plenty that Ford could unveil. The F-150 is expected to be joined by a hybrid model for the first time, for example. That will combine a gas engine with electric drive, offering improvements in economy among other benefits.

Meanwhile further down the line there'll be a fully-electric F-150. That will tap into electric motors' advantages for lashings of torque from the get-go, and the potential for tax credits for companies willing to make the fleet switch from gas to EV. However the F-150 electric version isn't expected to be ready at launch alongside its gas-demanding counterparts.

As for technology, there the expectation is for a number of changes too. In the cabin, a much bigger touchscreen is expected to feature in the dashboard, significantly enlarged from the 8-inch display currently offered. That's looking positively diminutive compared to, say, the 2020 Ram 1500's huge 12-inch panel.

Ford, though, has already told us that its latest SYNC 4 version will support displays up to 15.5-inches. It'll also include various connected features, tapping into an embedded 4G LTE connection with WiFi hotspot support.

Outside of the cabin, meanwhile, convenience features are likely to be plentiful. One of the most intriguing is a rumored generator, which could be used to supply power to run tools from the truck.

We'll know more on June 25, when Ford gives the F-150 its big, splashy debut. Sales are expected to kick off in short order after that, too, though we'll have to wait until the official announcement for details on things like pricing, trims, and fan-favorite versions like the F-150 Raptor.