The Daily Slash: October 26th 2010

Chris Burns - Oct 26, 2010
The Daily Slash: October 26th 2010

What’s Slashin today? The Nook Color was released today at a very special Barnes&Noble special event. There were dancers, kids, old people, authors, and lots of yummy treats. Best Buy has the Galaxy Tab and the Huawei S7 on preorder, Barnes & Noble has the Nook Color on preorder. Fanboys take back their Droid-lovin internets, we get a Galaxy Tab in the mail, and the Color Tab has a loop in it. All this and more! Today! On the Daily Slash.

SlashFAIL The biggest fail of the day is also the funniest: the Wall Street Journal has had a poll up for a few days now and over the weekend, there seemed to be a really strangely large amount of people voting for a relatively new system. The poll asks “Who makes the best mobile operating system?” and over the weekend, Microsoft suddenly took the lead over Google, having almost 12,000 votes to its column. Opinions flew and questions were asked, but none of that mattered once the massive online presence of Android lovers had their say. Today, that poll is absurdly out of whack, with Google leading with 97.4% of the vote. Wildness. Fail for WSJ OR fail for the people who may have been trying to rig the vote in favor of Microsoft. Fail, fail, fail.

SlashWIN This is more of a guessing game than anything, but I’ve got to say that the loop on the lower left-hand corner of the brand new Nook Color is the SlashWIN of the day. Take a peek at the giant round-up post with hands-on images and B&N press release to see why I think it’ll be the halo around the angel’s head that is Nook Color.

R3 Media Network

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Best Buy Offers Samsung Galaxy Tab and Huawei S7 Via Pre-Order

Android Community
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White iPhone 4 Reservations Hit Updated Apple Store APP
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10,000 Lucky Developers will be Receiving a Google TV courtesy of Google
LG Optimus T to hit T-Mobile for $30 [CHEEP!]
iPhone factory workers claim they were poisoned by Apple screen production [Ruh Roh!]
Eating the Dog’s Food [COLUMN]
Samsung Galaxy Tab Uncrating [Video] [FEATURED]

Wooie! Nook News!
Hands-On Around the Web with the Nook Color [Plus Barnes&Noble Press Release]
“Nook Color” Revealed at Barnes & Noble’s “Very Special Event”

What a colorful day. To see more Daily Slash posts, click here: [The Daily Slash]

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