iPhone factory workers claim they were poisoned by Apple screen production

Shane McGlaun - Oct 26, 2010
iPhone factory workers claim they were poisoned by Apple screen production

Apple and the company that builds its iPhones, Foxconn, have been under scrutiny recently after conditions at the Foxconn factory were called into question with some saying that the working conditions were inhumane. A group of workers is claiming that the production of screens for Apple has caused them to be poisoned.

According to the workers, they breathed in chemical vapors while working that lead to poisoning and hospitalization for many. This isn’t the first time factory workers building Apple gear have claimed to have been poisoned on the job. The chemicals used to shine up the silver parts were cited previously.

ABC News Australia said in its report:

After breathing in the chemical’s vapors, they became dizzy and numb and eventually they could not walk. “At first the symptoms were pretty obvious. My hands were numb. I could hardly walk or run,” one woman told the ABC. “I think they knew it was poisonous to human bodies but if they had used another chemical our output would not have increased,” another woman said. “By using n-hexane, it was much more efficient”. The women have now been in hospital for more than half a year. “I am back at work but my symptoms are still with me,” one worker said. “My legs still hurt. This will accompany me for the rest of my life. It’s very painful.” The workers’ boss, Zhong Jianxiang, was not available to be interviewed.

Via 9to5Mac

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