"Nook Color" Revealed at Barnes & Noble's "Very Special Event"

Just over a year ago, Barnes & Noble released their "Nook" device, a reader for books with a secondary Android-powered navigator. Now it's time for color. Revealed (to the slight surprise of some, expected by half the universe) today at Barnes & Noble's "very special event" is this lovely machine with a giant color touchscreen, and it's half an inch thick.

All sorts of lovely things! First, there's the claim that this portable tablet and e-reader in one is an "entirely new product category." Then the awesome note that this is designed in part by Yves BĂ©har (industrial designer and founder of Fuseproject). Then, details!

8.1 x 5.0 x 0.48 inches in dimension. 15.6 ounces weight, partnership with Random House, MacMillan, Hearst, Penguin, Conde Nast, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins. Share your love via contacts, Twitter, and Facebook with the Recommend button, highlights, and notes. Over 100 newspapers and magazines in full color.

The screen is Vivid View from LG. It displays in 16 million colors, and they say "We invested in a full lamination screen film technology." MicroSD slot, corner handle for locking it up, holding 6 thousand books out of the box. Daily Chef shows latest content like newspapers, latest books you've purchased, and etc. Pandora, music, sudoku, chess, and other Apps. All of this coming November 19th for $249.

[Via Engadget]