The Daily Slash: November 4 2010

Chris Burns - Nov 4, 2010
The Daily Slash: November 4 2010

Today we review a tiny yet quite powerful speaker by the name of JAMBOX, discuss What Zuckerberg Never Said About the iPad, and review the lovely Acer Aspire 8943G. Then there’s a hands on of the LG Optimus One and we toss a Motorola Defy in the pool with all the duckies and what looks to be that same pool cleaner they had in Paranormal Activity 2. Scary. Calvin Klein designs a set of 3D sunglasses and AT&T attack T-Mobile’s 4G network claims. It’s a fight!

SlashAWESOME ThinkGeek have never had a shortage of amazing products to offer this world full of nerds. Today they’ve got “From Tokyo with Love” James Bond related shirt that looks just fabulous. If that wasn’t enough, take a closer look at the camera that fantastic man is holding. It’s a hidden camera: a real one. Take a look at it over here.

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R3 Media Network

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Virgin Mobile Canada Getting BlackBerry 9780 and Samsung Galaxy S [RELEASE]
AT&T Attack T-Mobile 4G Network Claims[FIGHT]

Android Community
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Beta Release of Google Instant for Mobile [RELEASE]
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myTouch 4G Updates for Reviewers, Download for All New Users [UPDATE]

UK Security Firm Earns Grant to Film You Through Movie Theater Screens [SCARY]
Samsung Predicts Selling 40 Million Smartphones in 2011, plus an Array of Tablets [YODA]
First Free Electric Vehicle Charger at Meijer [GREEN]
Acer Aspire 8943G [REVIEW]
Calvin Klein Teams with Marchon3D to Create 3D Sunglasses [CK3D]
What Zuckerberg Never Said About the iPad [COLUMN]
Will Facebook’s deals platform drive more location based service usage? [ON TIME ANALYSIS]
Dell Inspiron Duo gets official video teaser [TEASE]
Apple working on MacBook Air display glitch fix [BROKEN]
Notion Ink Adam pre-orders in December; webOS-style notifications detailed [HOORAY]

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