Tesla Model S Convertible by Ares Design: Elon Musk will be proud

Italian coachbuilder and automotive engineering firm Ares Design is on a roll. After unveiling its latest Land Rover Defender Spec 1.2 earlier this year, the company has come up with a Tesla Model S Convertible with two less doors and a retractable fabric roof.

"At Ares, our Co-create philosophy allows clients to work side by side with our designers and engineers to create their very own bespoke vehicle, a service that is unique to Ares," said Dany Bahar, Co-founder and CEO of Ares Design. "This Tesla project is a superb example of this; it was a pure coachbuilding project which we very much enjoy doing and seeing the results of our uncompromising standards."

Wow. We never thought the Tesla Model S would look this good as a convertible model, and Elon Musk should be proud. In our opinion, it's a better project than retrofitting a gasoline engine to what is otherwise a brilliant electric car, and this project is more than chopping off the roof and calling it a day. If you know Ares, the coachbuilder has a habit of going the extra mile in all its creations, like the C8 Corvette-based S1 Project Spyder, for example.

For the Tesla Model S, Ares modified the chassis, body, aerodynamics, and interior as part of the conversion. Ares engineers got rid of the factory roof, the B-pillars, and the rear doors before installing longer front doors. Also new is the trunk, which is now big enough to stow the folding roof. It also gets new 21-inch bespoke wheels wrapped in 245/35 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

The Model S also gets an Ares-designed carbon-fiber aero kit to smoothen the airflow when the roof is down. Meanwhile, the interior has custom rear seats, Ice White leather upholstery, and a dash of color with orange detailing.

An anonymous client privately commissions this particular Model S, but the service is available to other Model S owners for a price. Ares has yet to reveal the project's conversion costs, but we assume it'll cost a lot. Least to say, this convertible is one of the best reinterpretations of the Model S we've seen so far.