Refreshed Tesla Model S spied cruising California streets

Tesla has been producing its Model S electric vehicle essentially unchanged for several years now. In 2020, sales of the expensive electric vehicle slowed, resulting in a recent production shutdown as more buyers have turned to the cheaper Model 3 or Model Y EVs. A video has surfaced that shows what appears to be a refreshed Model S testing in the wild.

Some have speculated that the production stoppage for the Model S production line was in part to allow Tesla to revamp the line for producing the new version of the vehicle. There is some indication that price increases may come with the refreshed vehicle. Tesla is reportedly increasing the price of the Model S and Model X being delivered to Europe starting in March.

At the same time, Tesla is also increasing the delivery timeline for those vehicles headed to Europe. The new Model S was spotted near Palo Alto, California, and several fundamental changes are seen. The vehicle has a wider body, a new rear diffuser, very little chrome trim, new headlights, and updated wheels.

The Tesla seen near Palo Alto isn't wearing aftermarket body panels as the video clearly shows it has manufacturer license plates. There's always the possibility that this isn't a redesign for the complete Tesla Model S line and that this is a sportier version, perhaps of the Model S Plaid. However, the Plaid version of the electric vehicle isn't expected until late in 2021.

There's no indication as yet if price increases will be made in the US, similar to those expected for Europe. Tesla's Model 3 has proven much more popular than the Model S largely because of the price difference between the two vehicles. Increasing prices could further reduce sales of the Model S, which is something Tesla doesn't want.