Tech21 Impact Shield for GALAXY S 4 and iPhone 5 Review

This week we've had the opportunity to have a look at Tech21's Impact Shield smartphone screen protector technology in the form of it's iPhone 5 and Samsung GALAXY S 4 iterations. This product works with three layers of shielding, each of them working with slightly different features for an overall 80 percent lessening of impact by objects aimed at your smartphone's screen.

While in the past working with screen protectors that are anything thicker than a simple super-thin layer of plastic, it's been a toss-up whether or not they'd do what they said they would, here Tech21 appears to come through. The final product does appear disperse impact and protect the screen while touch sensitivity remains.

NOTE: As a special experiment / treat, we're recorded the hands-on of this product's application process with Google Glass. The photo at the head of this article also comes straight #throughglass, is it were. Take heed – this video also appears in an expanded Google Glass in action review of the wearable technology's abilities, specifically its camera.

The technology inside this screen protector is what Tech21 describes as their most advanced implementation of display shielding yet. The first layer works to spread the impact force of whatever's aimed at your device's screen. The third (closest to the screen) layer is a soft base, further absorbing the impact force of a blow.

The middle layer is the most interesting – or at least the most interestingly titled. Here we've got the BulletShield impact protection layer using BASF absorption polymer technology. BASF is also known as "The Chemical Company" and is, not coincidentally, the largest chemical company in the world. This layer provides non-yellowing UV protection with absorption polymer also used in bulletproof glazing.

Thus far this shielding has held up every bit as well as the other Tech21 products we've tested, including the orange goo you'll remember from some months ago. Have a peek at a demo we received at the hands of Tech21's CEO with a hammer, Tech21 Impactology excellence, and a human hand. You'll certainly not regret having done so.

Also note that this multi-layer screen protector system is out there in the wild for your pocket in several iterations right this minute. For $29.99 MSRP you'll find the Tech21 Impact Shield for the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung GALAXY S 4, Apple iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy Note II as well. We'll keep you updated on the spread of this shield to other devices soon as well – stay tuned!