Tech21 demonstrates D30 impact fabric: we go hands-on

This week we've gotten our hands all covered in goop as Tech21 CEO Jason Roberts demonstrated for us the power of D30 impact fabric, a material they've got exclusive rights to for electronics-related implementation. What we've got here is a material you might recognize as Silly Puddy – it's close, but not precisely the same. While that toy was used to pick up the ink from newspapers and squish around for fun, this material is used to protect your smart devices from impact – devices which include the iPhone, Android smartphones of all kinds, and even larger devices such as the MacBook Pro.

This first of several demonstrations (we've got more!) shows the power of the material itself in its most orange and goo-like state. Have a peek at what Roberts has to show us as he dunks his own hands into a container full of D30 and shows off the goo in its undeniably impact resistant state. This material is used in a whole range or products manufactured by Tech21, many of which are available on the market right this second – several new models are on the way as well, too!

Tech21's vat of goop here is just a show of power, while the real deal sits both around the rim of your phone and above and below your notebook computer, tablet, and more. Tech21's implementation of D30 exists in cases made for Apple products, BlackBerry, Huawei, HTC, Nokia, and Samsung at this very moment, with a whole lot more coming down the pipeline soon! Stay tuned to SlashGear for more Tech21 action as their keyword "Impactology" is demonstrated with tossed phones and smashed fingers (or the lack thereof) as well – all of this at CTIA 2012 all week long!